Fancy Pants or Millions? A Modern Parable:

Once upon a time there were two ladies. They both needed to buy some new undies and asked me along for a day of girl shopping.

Mrs Spendy steered us to the fanciest store in town. She found a gorgeous pair of panties and a bra in red silk and lace which cost $155 and was very happy with her purchase. I raised my eyebrows at the cost and urged her to save her money and she laughed at the idea.

When it was time Fancy Pantsto shop with Mrs Frugal it was a different story. She took me to Joe Fresh and she found panties she liked in a pretty colour that were cute and sexy and was quite pleased to spend only $2!  When I mentioned that I knew a woman who spent $155 on a bra and panty set, Mrs Frugal blanched. “I could never spend that much on something so frivolous!” declared the wise Mrs Frugal. “Saving money is like eating healthy. A lifestyle change is what’s called for, not a crash diet. It’s true that if you watch the pennies, the dollars look after themselves.”

She was quite right, for Mrs. Frugal is a millionaire. She owns a house in Calgary plus two 4-plexes in a trendy part of Vancouver. Even so, she works at two full-time jobs! She worked very hard to pay down her mortgage in Calgary and with the equity she built, she bought the Vancouver investment properties. It was a very smart move and it paid off over the years. She is very frugal with her spending. She will grow old with all the money she needs to live in comfort for the rest of her days.

But as for Mrs Spendy, she owns a house in Surrey with not much equity. Both she and her husband work and make a high income, but don’t have much to show for it, except things like fancy panties. The woman who laughed at my advice to save her money might find herself in trouble as she grows older.

It is certain that one of these ladies will live happily ever after.