Andi McLeish Photography

In the early spring Leading Ladies held an event sponsored by local Vancouver photographer Andi McLeish.

Here are her wonderful photographs of the event! We just love her attention to moments of joy, communication, and change that were captured on our members faces; her passion for portraiture, community, and communicative image creation is evident. The positive energy of the event comes through in every picture, and for this we would like to take this opportunity to thank Andi very much for coming out! The photography was beautiful, and we’re grateful for her sponsorship.

Andi’s interest in photography developed from a young age, and flourished as she traveled the world and experimented with capturing a variety of people and places. Her skill set is very diverse, and we were thrilled to have her to capture out event!

If you like what you see, take a moment to check out her website; you’ll notice the diversity in her portfolio, her attention to detail, and her passion for story-telling through images.

To connect with Andi for your next event, or contact her via Facebook