7 Ways to Trick Yourself into Spending Less Money

  1. Give yourself visual reminders – Put together a goals board of the things you are wanting to accomplish for the year, use your computer desktop wallpaper as your vision board if you are on your computer alot.
  2. Get pumped about affordable things – Figure out where you are overspending. Do a monthly budget and reconcile your cash flow, after 3-6 months you will see the pattern and bad spending habits.
  3. Enroll in direct deposit at a different bank – Put your savings into another bank account with a different bank, out of sigh out of mind.
  4. Take out new, large bills – If you give yourself a budget at the beginning of each week, and take out that amount in cash—and then stick to not taking out any more—you can certainly prevent overspending. But you can take that a step further by actually going into your bank (rather than taking out money from the ATM) and asking for new, large bills.
  5. Use an account aggregator app – Like Mint.com
  6. Make shopping alone a habit – shop alone, rather than with friends. You are less likely to succumb to peer pressure to buy something you don’t really need or love.
  7. Shop during crunch time – Less time, less likely to buy.

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