Why Are Women So Afraid to Talk About Money?

  • 80% of women in a recent study admitted that they have refrained from discussion money with family and friends.
  • Only 47% felt confident talking about finances with a financial professional
  • Women worry more than men about privacy. We are socialized to keep this kind of information private.

How do you overcome this financial fear?

  1. Find a financial buddy
  2. Online forums/blogs – Join in online to learn more and get support from others.

Lack of Confidence

According to Kathy Murphy, president of Fidelity’s Personal Investing:

“Beneath women’s reticence to talk about money lies a lack of confidence in their knowledge of financial planning and investing. This lack of confidence is really self-imposed. Our analysis of more than 12 million investors shows that women actually demonstrated stronger saving rates than their male counterparts and enjoyed better long-term investment performance when they did engage. Unfortunately, too many women still hesitate to take control of their finances.”

Take Action

Take charge of your finances. Join us at Leading Ladies! Monthly seminars to educate, guide and support women in our community. Sometimes just having someone to be accountable to is all you need.

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